Friday, October 21, 2011

Indras Net and Entangled Minds

When I was writing this book my working title was always Entangled Minds. It seemed to me to be the perfect title for the book I was writing. At some point in the writing process I wanted to find a quote from Niels Bohr about the difficulty in understanding Quantum physics, to put into the introduction of the book. I googled and came to an advance notice for a book called Entangled Minds, by Dean Radin! He had "stolen my title! And the introduction of his book had "my quote" in it! I wrote to Dean and mentioned this, and also marvelled at how much of our (by that time unpublished) books seemed to have in common. He kindly wrote back and we both agreed that this was a living example of "the entangled universe" , the common theme of our books.
It so turned out that Dean was visiting Sweden the coming summer and we decided that if by chance I would be in Stockholm then, we could meet. I gave him my phone number. Months later, at 7 AM,  I was waiting for my zen teacher at the airport in Stockholm. He was visiting us for a few days. I had at that time more or less completely forgotten about Dean, and had no idea of when he would come to Stockholm. To my surprise while waiting for my teacher Dean arrived. I recognized him from youtube videos and approached him with some worry. I was afraid he would think I was a crazy stalker, since he hadn't given me any notice of arrival times - not even a date.  He was surprised, for sure, but turned out to be a very nice person.
So later we did have lunch in this entangled universe.

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